We held our Annual General Meeting on Friday 9th November in Camberley. Thank you to all that attended.  We paid thanks to 2 volunteers – one who has been with us for 15 years and the other for an amazing 20 years!  A huge dedication of their part.  It’s people like these who work in the community selflessly offering their time and experience to others.  Thanks also must go to Olive who spoke about her volunteering journey and to one of our supported Mums, who spoke so eloquently from her heart about her reasons for needing support.  She described the support as having helped get her life back on track and how there was never any judgement from staff or volunteers.  Sandy Ball, Manager of Chobham, Bisley & West End Children’s Centre also paid thanks to Home-Start, saying that the families they have referred to us and received volunteer support, only have positive things to say about the help they’ve received.