Length of time in family_________________________________


Number of parents in household__________________________


Ages of children in household_____________________________


This is intended to capture the type of things, which may take place in a family. Not all will be appropriate with all families and there may be other things taking place, which we have not listed.  This is a great way to demonstrate the value volunteers bring to families, as well as recognising the range and depth of this support.







(If appropriate)

Simply listened





Discussed nutrition or eating routines





Discussed toilet training





Discussed sleep routines





Took child/ren to the park/playground





Taking the family shopping





Assisted with appointments





Helped access further support or services





Discussed finances/running the household





Discussed behaviour





Read stories or picture books





Sang songs or nursery rhymes





Played interactive games





Did colouring/cutting out (fine motor skills)





Played with messy substances – play-dough, paints, sand.





Did puzzles/shape sorting





Diverted child/rens attention away from TV or video





Involved with cooking or baking





Gave parent “me” time





Discussed relationships and feelings





Take to Family Group





Take to other Home-Start family events





Talked about the future. (General or specific plans or goal setting.)










Other (please specify):